Setting Up a DB2 DATALINK Vault Server

This document will show you how to setup DB2 DATALINK mode for Vault operations.

This vault administration documentation is for UNIX only.

This setup is implemented in two steps.

Set Up the DB2 DATALINK system:

See DB2 DATALINK documentation for more information about how to setup a datalink system.

Vault Server Specific Installation Operations due to DATALINK

Data Structure Creation

Beware: Each Vault Server is supposed to have its own data structure.

Do not share Vault Server data structures between several Vault Servers!

You will find the reference files for the data structure creation (tables, index, etc.) under the following directory:


The $OSDS value could be aix_a, hpux_b or solaris_a depending on your operating system.

The suffix of these reference files is .clp for DB2.

They are named:

VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL.clp when creating tables

grant_VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL.clp when creating grants on tables

You can also use the drop_VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL.clp and the revoke_VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL.clp files to remove respectively tables and grants on tables.

When creating your data structure, you have to customize the above mentioned files.

To do so:

1. Duplicate the following files and rename them as indicated below:

Original file name                                              Duplicated file name

VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL.clp                          VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL_MyVault.clp

grant_VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL.clp               grant_VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL_MyVault.clp

drop_VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL.clp                drop_VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL_MyVault.clp

revoke_VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL.clp             revoke_VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL_MyVault.clp

2. Change the name of the structure owner (the default owner is VPMADM) and the tablespaces name if necessary. In the case of the grant file, we advise you to change the "to public" right into "to vault_structure_owner". The datalink options used to create the datalink column on the VAULTDOCUMENT table are:

linktype url file link control integrity all read permission DB write permission blocked recovery yes on unlink restore

See DB2 documentation if you want to change options above. Beware: the on unlink delete option is not supported.

3. Execute the VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL_MyVault.clp file and the related grant file (grant_VPM_VAULTFILEDB2DL_My_Vault.clp) on your database:

a.      logon the database as Database Administrator

b.      under the DB2 prompt, run the command:

db2 -tvf file_fullpathname.clp

4. Continue Vault Server installation as a standard Vault Server installation.

Vault Server properties file modifications for datalink mode activation:

Add the following lines in the $CATInstallPath/docs/java/ file:

VaultServer_DLFMHostServerName = datalink_file_manager_host_name

VaultServer_DB2DATALINK        = true

       datalink_file_manager_host_name:    name of the workstation where the datalink file manager service is running (see DB2 DATALINK documentation for more information about the datalink file manager).