Deploying ENOVIA VPM Navigator

Installation Procedure

  1. Install CATIA V5 then the DER and/or VDM configuration on the CATIA V5 client.

    During the installation, reply YES for the vault server when prompted.
    To modify vault settings, select Start>All Programs>CATIA>Tools>Vault Setup V5R18.

    During the installation, you will also be prompted to provide the appropriate Java level which you must previously have installed.

  2. Install ENOVIA V5 VPM with an ENOVIA V5 VPM database
  3. Install a vault server referencing the ENOVIA V5 database.

When installing VPM Navigator, the ENOVIA environment file is updated with the java_home environment variable which is set during installation. However, the corresponding CATIA environment file is not updated during a VPM Navigator configuration installation. You must therefore launch CATIA V5 with the ENOVIA_VPM_Navigator environment and not with the CATIA environment.

Licensing Prerequisite for the VPM Navigator Volume Filter

For the use of the volume filter capability in VPM Navigator, make sure that the DES and DM1 licenses are installed at the same location.