This page deals with the RRS options for Resource Simulation robotics products.

RRS Properties

RRS$LIB Directory>

This directory lists the RCS home directory.

The initial setting is blank.

RRS Servers File

This field provides the full path name of the RRS servers file.

The default value is ~startup/rrs/rrs.servers


This option does not apply to the RRS II workbench.

By default, the RCS data home directory is the same as the RCS home directory.  When users connect to the RCS server, they can select a different home directory for their RCS data as long as they have previously entered one of those paths in this dialog box.

Path names should be separated with semi-colons (;).

The paths entered here will appear as options when you execute the RRS connect command.

The initial setting is blank.

RRS Properties

Activate RRS-II Motion Planner During Teach / OLP turns on the motion planner.