Creating an Assembly Document

This task shows you how to enter the Assembly Design workbench to create a new assembly from scratch.
  1. Select the Start > Mechanical Design > Assembly Design command to launch the required workbench.


The Assembly Design workbench is opened. You can see that Product1 is displayed in the specification tree, indicating the building block of the assembly to be created. To create an assembly, you need products. The application uses the term product or component to indicate assemblies or parts. You can use parts to create products. Those products can in turn be used to create other products.

The commands for assembling different products (or components) are available in the toolbar Product Structure Tools to the right of the application window. For information on these commands, please refer to Product Structure user's guide.


The document contains:

  • a specification tree to the left of the application window

  • specific toolbars to the right of the application window

  • a number of contextual commands available in the specification tree and in the geometry. Note that these commands can also be accessed from the menu bar.