Create a Multi-Axis Flank Contouring Operation

task target This task illustrates how to create a Multi-Axis Flank Contouring operation in the program. 
scenario 1. Select the Multi-Axis Flank Contouring icon .

A Multi-Axis Flank Contouring entity along is added to the program. It is initialized with the tool used in the previous operation.

The Multi-Axis Flank Contouring dialog box appears directly at the Geometry tab page
2. Click the red part surface in the icon then select the desired part surface in the 3D window.
3. Click the red drive surface in the icon then select the desired drives in the 3D window.
4. Click the start and stop elements in the icon then select the desired elements in the 3D window.
5. Select the Strategy tab page to specify:
  • Machining parameters:
  • Tool Axis parameters:
  • Stepover parameters:
  • In the Finishing tab, request a Side finish pass on last level with a 1mm Side finish thickness. 
  • In the Compensation tab, select 3D Radial compensation output
    Please note that the generated APT source will contain information for cutter radius compensation. Output is the tool tip point (XT, YT, ZT), tool axis vector (IJK) and the drive surface normal (PQR).
  • High speed milling is not required in this scenario.
6. Select the Tool tab page to create a new tool.  Enter a name for the tool (for example, T1 End Mill D 16 RC4) and the following characteristics:

7. Click Replay to compute the operation and visualize the tool path. 

8. Click OK to create the operation. The specification tree is updated as follows.

end of task