Managing the Multi-Edition of Fasteners' Diameter

This task shows you how to select several spot points or curve beads, edit and modify their diameter value.

Let us take an example with spot points.
Open the MultipleSpotPoints2.CATProduct document.

  1. Select several spot points in the specification tree or in the 3D geometry.

  2. Right-click and choose the Selected objects > Definition... contextual item. You can also select the same command through the Edit menu bar.

    The BiW Fastener Definition dialog box opens.
    By default, the diameter value corresponds to the value of the first selected fastener.
  3. Set the Diameter value to 8mm.

  4. Click Preview: all the selected fasteners now have the same diameter.

  5. Click OK to exit the dialog box.

The order of selection is important as it is the first selected fastener that gives the diameter value.