AIX Tip of the Week

AIX Tip of the Week: RS/6000 Y2K Firmware Upgrade Notification

Audience: AIX Administrators and Managers

Date: May 7, 1999

The following announcement letter is being sent to all RS/6000 customers of record who own hardware that may require a firmware update for Y2K compliance. The letter is duplicated here to insure maximum exposure to this information.

Dear RS/6000 Customer,

As you enter the final stretch of your Year 2000 preparations, we urge you to take full advantage of IBM's Year 2000 readiness and communications activities. Please note that RS/6000 systems may require customer action and the installation of firmware or operating system updates for the product to be Year 2000 ready.

We are communicating directly with you because our records indicate that you may have installed one or more of the machine models that require a firmware update. Specifically, the machine types and models listed below may have firmware levels installed that require updates:

Not all machines listed require an update; instructions to determine if your machine requires an update and instructions to obtain free firmware updates are available from the following sources:

Year 2000 Product Readiness Database at Web site:

The workbook RS/6000 Systems and the Year 2000 Issue located at Web site:

Contact IBM at 1-800-IBMSERV.

The AIX operating system installed on your RS/6000 may also require updates to be Year 2000 ready. Free updates are available for the following AIX versions:

Instructions to obtain operating system updates are available from the sources listed for the firmware. The workbook gives a comprehensive description of each update so that you may evaluate the need to apply the fix for your environment.

Note that AIX Version 3.1 is NOT Year 2000 Ready and these customers must migrate to AIX Version 4 to be Year 2000 Ready. Contact your IBM representative for migration details.

The above comments address system hardware and operating system Year 2000 requirements and do not address IBM nor third party applications that may operate on the above systems or that may be included with the above systems. For information on IBM system software and IBM applications, please see the Year 2000 Product Readiness Database at the URL mentioned in this letter.

IBM provides this Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure in a continuing effort to assist you in making your systems ready for the calendar change to Year 2000. Customers are encouraged to periodically consult the Year 2000 Product Readiness Database to obtainthe latest information on the status of IBM products. For updates and questions on the information shared here, please consult the sources listed above or your local IBM representative or reseller.


Terri Pensock
Director of Customer Satisfaction and Technical Support, RS/6000