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RS/6000 Web Resources

Audience: AIX Users

Date: October 1, 1999
(Updated January 11, 2001)

The following is a customer reference for on-line RS/6000 information and support..

( links available from
Category URL Phone
IBM General    
IBM Home Page  
Education 800-IBM-TEACh
IBM Operator   800-IBM-4YOU
IBM Universal Sales Manual  
RS/6000 Hardware    
RS/6000 Home Page  
Hardware Service   800-IBM-SERV
RS/6000 Support Home Page  
Installation Manuals  
Order Status  
AIX Software    
Description of AIX Bonus Pack Contents  
AIX Fixes, Tech Support
SupportLine 800-CALL-AIX

Internet Newsgroup

(links available from
HP/UX, AIX Interoperability, Porting (Solaris-AIX Admin Comparison)
AIX Solutions
AIX Public Domain FTP Site (Linux Utilities)
(links available from
Related Sites  
Tech Support Online  
Customer Software Support Handbook (PDF Format, 6MB)  
IBM Storage Home Page  
Storage Area Networks  
SSA Home Page  
Tape Media, Cartridges, Magazines 888-IBM-MEDIA
Doc’s,Tips, Announcements    
AIX, RS, SP Documentation  
IBM Redbooks  
Announcements, Price Lists, and more  
IBM Link (Gateway to most IBM Information)  
Solution Partner Center (Porting Center)  
Java Development  
Preview of New IBM Technologies