AIX Tip of the Week

AIX Tip of the Week: Using AIX Web Serving to Display System Performance

Audience: AIX Users

Date: April 1999

When you buy an RS/6000, it comes with a bundle of software called the "AIX Bonus Pack." The bonus pack includes many useful utilities that can enhance the functionality of the RS/6000. One such utility is the Lotus GoWebserver which provides web server functionality. A creative use of this functionality is to display useful information such as announcements, configuration information, diagnostic information, performance status, logged on users, trend data, etc.

Attached is a "readme.txt" file that describes how to use the Web server capability to dynamically create and display a web page with a graph of the server's CPU performance over the course of the day. This web page can be conveniently viewed from any browser on the network. The "aixtip.gif" file contains a sample graph. The "profile.sar" and "perf.ksh" files are configuration files which are described in the readme file.