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AIX Tip of the Week: VNC Provides X Functionality with PC Browser

Audience: AIX Users

Date: September 28, 2000

VNC is a freeware application that allows you to display an AIX desktop session on a PC browser (similar in function to "X"). Since VNC is written in Java, it requires no additional software on your PC, other than a standard browser. VNC benefits over telnet include better terminal emulation, ability to display multiple color windows, and the ability run graphics applications.

You can download VNC from:

IBM GNU Tools for AIX

Note: You'll have to install the "RPM" package first. It's GNU's equivalent to "installp".

To start the VNC server on AIX, run the following command from your user id.


To view your AIX session on your PC, type the following in your browser URL:


The 5801 is the default port number for VNC. However, it your session doesn't start, it may be running on a different port. Check your $HOME/.vnc/*log.

Other VNC versions are available to work with Linux, Solaris, NT.

Thanks to Allen Oh, IBM Mountain View, for suggesting this tip! About IBM Help Search Feedback

Bruce Spencer,

September 28, 2000