AIX Tip of the Week

AIX Tip of the Week: Systems Availability, How Does Your System Compare?

Audience: IT Managers and Administrators

Date: November 29, 1999

How does your system availability compare to industry averages? A Gartner Report from October 1998 lists the following availability data by platform:

Platform Outages/Server/Year Availability
S390 (sysplexed) 10 minutes 99.998%
Tandem 1.7 hours 99.98%
AS/400 5.2 hours 99.94%
S3900 (non-sysplexed) 8.9 hours 99.90%
VAX 18.9 hours 99.78%
Unix (all) 23.6 hours 99.73%
NT 224.5 hours 97.44%

Download Original Gartner Report