AIX Tip of the Week

AIX Tip of the Week: Service Director: RS/6000 Call Home Support

Audience: AIX System Administrators

Date: April 1999 (Updated: December 2000)

Service Director is an AIX software program that monitors, diagnoses and reports system errors. It can automatically place a service call to IBM without customer intervention. It may be configured to run on a single system, or as part of a client/server network.

Service Director and it's documentation can obtained by anonymous ftp at ( The command line download procedure is listed below. Be sure to set the file transfer mode as "binary" if using this method.

> bin > cd /aix/servdir_client_code > get servdir.installp.Z > get or sd6kug.pdf

Although there is no charge for this software, the "call home" function does require the RS/6000 hardware to be on warranty or an IBM maintenance contract.

Update 12/2000

Service Director is being replaced by Service Agent. Documentation and install image can be found at: