AIX Tip of the Week

Subject: Configuring SAN Boot for Virtual AIX Clients Using MPIO

Audience: All

Date: November 9, 2007

The attached PDF, Configuring MPIO for the Virtual Client, describes how to set up Multi-Path I/O boot disks for AIX clients of the virtual I/O server. There some considerations for booting off the SAN.

The "pro's" include:

  1. IBM supported configuration
  2. Flexibility

The "con's" include:

  1. If the SAN fails
  2. Updating MPIO on the AIX client may be disruptive (depends on MPIO vendor/version)
  3. "Momentary SAN stalls" can cause mysterious AIX behavior (especially using HACMP)
  4. AIX paging can impact other SAN clients

For a more detailed discussion of the pro/con's, see Steve Pittman's Wiki

For more information, see the following IBM Redbooks.

Advanced Power Virtualization (Chapter 4.4 )
APV Best Practices: (Chapter 2 )

Bruce Spencer,

November 9, 2007