AIX Tip of the Week

AIX Tip of the Week: AIX 4.2 Update Provides Significant Performance Benefit on SMPs

Audience: AIX Systems Administrators

Date: January 1999

The following tip is from Steve Pittman at IBM, who recently found that an AIX 4.2 update can significantly improve the performance of RS/6000 SMP systems. The improvement pertains only to RS/6000 systems with more than one CPU and running AIX 4.2 with a level below (You can check your level using the command "lslpp -l".) Uniprocessors or systems running higher levels of AIX are not candidates.

If your AIX 4.2 system is below, apply update U454625 or go to the latest AIX 4.2 maintenance level (U461610).

AIX Updates can be downloaded from the following site: