AIX Tip of the Week

AIX Tip of the Week: Determining Installed AIX Software/Version

Audience: Systems Administrators

Date: January 5, 2001

Here are some useful commands for determining which AIX software packages are installed and their version/fix levels.

List all installed filesets with their version level
   lslpp -L

List current AIX maintenance level
   oslevel -r
- or -
   instfix -i|grep ML

List known maintenance levels
   oslevel -r

List known AIX maintnenance levels
   oslevel -q

List filesets that are below the AIX maintenance level
   oslevel -l

Determine whether a fix is installed (for example. fixes IX38794 and IX48523), and what it fixes (-a).
   instfix -iak IX38794

Determine if a maintenance package is installed
   instfix -ik 433-02_AIX_ML

Determine which filesets need updating to reach a maintenance level
   instfix -ciqk field | grep ":-:"
   where field = V.R.M.F_AIX_ML eg
- or -
   oslevel -rl 5100-04 About IBM Help Search Feedback

Bruce Spencer,

January 5, 2001