AIX Tip of the Week

AIX Tip of the Week: Temporarily Disabling AIX User Logins

Audience: Administrators

Date: June 2, 2000

This weeks tip contains three sections: IBM News, AIX Tips on the Internet, and the AIX Tip.

IBM in the News

IBM Builds Chips for It's Own Systems......and Rivals

IBM Adds Zip to PowerPC Chips,4586,2573525,00.html

AIX Tips on the Internet

In response to several requests, I've posted past AIX Tips on the Internet. The site is located at:


Sometimes it is necessary to disable users from logging into a system, such as when doing certain types of administration work. To disable user login in AIX, create the file /etc/nologin. When a non-root user attempts to login, the system blocks the login and displays the contents of the /etc/nologin file. To enable user login, erase the /etc/nologin file.