AIX Tip of the Week

Subject: New NMON Consolidator Tool

Audience: All

Date: December 22, 2006

Steve Atkins, the author of nmon_analyzer, is writing a new NMON_Consolidator tool which combines nmon output from several AIX/Linux machines into an Excel spreadsheet (requires Excel 2002 or later).

The major use of this tool will be for modelling server consolidation scenarios. The tool provides the ability to specify a performance metric (e.g. rPerf or SPECint value) for each server and for this to be used to assess total capacity requirements for a group. As grouping is dynamic, different scenarios can be assessed without the need to re-process the raw data.

Administrators who tend large server farms will also find this tool provides the ability to get an overview of the entire installation "at-a-glance" while allowing detailed performance data to be viewed for each node by time of day. The facility to group nodes together will be found particularly useful for managing parallel applications or micro-partitions.

The tool is in "Alpha" status (i.e. a work in progress). You can download it from the nmon_analyser wiki. Steve would be interested in feedback. Please read the manual before you start using it!



Bruce Spencer,

December 22, 2006