AIX Tip of the Week

Subject: New Redboods, Tools, Webinar's, Tech Tips

Audience: All

Date: March 19, 2006

New Maintenance Updates

AIX 5.2 ML8
AIX 5.3 ML4
VIOS FixPack 7.2

New Redbooks

Operating System and Middleware

IBM AIX 5L Reference for HP-UX System Administrators:

Advanced Power Virtualization (Update):

Controlling Application Memory Consumption

IBM eServer pSeries HACMP V5.x Certification Study Guide Update:

Configuring and Tuning GPFS for Digital Media Environments:


IBM System p5 520 and 520Q Overview and Introduction:

IBM System p5 560Q Technical Overview and Introduction:

IBM System p5 Quad-Core Module Based on POWER5+ Technology: Technical Overview and Introduction

DL4000 Best Practices and Tuning Guide:

Introduction to Infiniband for pSeries:

DS6000 Series: Implementation

DS8000 Series: Implementation


Lesson's Learned from the 2005 Hurricaine Season - Replay


IBM Performance Simulator for Linux on Power

nmon v11 is available:

Post Link Optimization for Linux on Power:

Tech Tip's

HMC 5.1 may incorrectly report a failed server microcode update. Before replacing the FSP, try rebooting the HMC. Sometimes there a timing error that causes the HMC to think the server microcode is broken.

The two step procedure for configuring SEA Failover on VIOS 1.2+ can cause network storms. The two step procedure was documented in the December 2005 APV Redbook SG24-7940. The Redbook has since been updated to show a one step procedure. The correct procedure is also posted on InfoCenter .

Bruce Spencer,

March 19, 2006