AIX Tip of the Week

Date: May 10, 2000

AIX Tip of the Week: May 2000 RS/60000 Announcements

Audience: AIX Administrators, Managers

On May 9th, IBM announced three new RS/6000 models: M80, H80 and F80, which completes the deployment of copper chip technology throughout the RS/6000 line. The new models provide up to three times the commercial performance at prices equal to or less than existing models.

The rack-mounted M80 is a 2- to-8-way symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) that will be the S80 of midrange servers. It will provide up to 25% more power with six fewer processors and at one-third the price of its Sun counterpart, the E4500, and is projected to be the fastest 8-way commercial server on the market.

The rack-mounted H80, a 1- to-6 way SMP, is the world's fastest 6-way Web server, with 95% better commercial processing performance and better price/performance than its Sun counterpart, the E420R.

The deskside F80, also a 1- to-6-way SMP, is the world's fastest 6-way commercial UNIX server, will have a lower entry price and will provide 67% For more information, see the RS/6000

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