AIX Tip of the Week

AIX Tip of the Week: Configuring LVM Filesystems for Optimum Performance

Audience: Systems Administrators

Date: March 1999

Last weeks tip involved configuring disks for optimum availability. This tip covers configuring disks for optimum performance. To configure an RS/6000 system for the highest disk I/O performance, create the logical volumes using the following guidelines.

  1. Create logical volumes with only 1 copy (do not mirror partitions)
  2. Set "write-verify": NO
  3. INTRA-policy: CENTER
  4. INTER-policy: MAXIMUM

Note the tradeoffs between higher performance and availability. Typical systems are configured somewhere between the two extremes presented in the AIX Tips. The following attachment explains the reasoning behind each of these selections.

(From IBM ITEM Q494227)