AIX Tip of the Week

NMON, KSH93, Websphere, TotalStorage Links

Audience: All

Date: March 2, 2003

Free AIX performance tools -- now updated

Download an updated version of this popular AIX performance tool, plus its companion reporting tool NMON analyzer. Both tools now provide support for AIX 5.2 disk groups and dynamic LPAR. (updated 7/04)

How to energize your scripts with the new KornShell

AIX 5L includes ksh93, the latest major revision of the KornShell language, which has a number of significant enhancements over its previous major release, the 1988 version. The new version provides an alternative to Tcl and Perl and compares favorably in speed and functionality. Find out how you can take advantage of ksh93.

IBM WebSphere Host Publisher Overview -- online presentation

In this online presentation, learn how you can use WebSphere Host Publisher to quickly and easily extend your existing applications to the Web and provide Web integration with existing 3270m, 5250, VT, JDBC, and Java host applciations without making changes to your existing applications.

The IBM TotalStorage Solutions Handbook -- Redbook

Need a grounding in storage? This redbook will help you understand what enterprise storage management is; the key technologies to know; the IBM TotalStorage products, software, and solutions available today; and how to implement various storage administration tasks.

Bruce Spencer,