AIX Tip of the Week

Subject: Java Installation and Performance

Audience: Administrators

Date: April 5, 2004

Implementing Java on AIX: download, installation, and configuration
This article provides short, simple, and complete instructions for downloading, installing, and configuring Java for IBM's AIX operating system.

Troubleshooting Java on AIX: data collection for AIX core dumps
Do you want to save some time? This article has instructions for troubleshooting Java for IBM's AIX.

Maximizing Java performance on AIX: Part 1: The basics
Learn the prerequisites for a successful tuning effort. The article provides an overview of the tools for tuning Java applications for optimum performance on AIX.

Maximizing Java performance on AIX: Part 2: The need for speed
Look at ways to maximize the execution speed and throughput of a system when running Java applications on AIX. For programs that involve a user interface, we also look at how to ensure that responsiveness of the system is kept within acceptable levels.

Bruce Spencer,

April 5, 2004