AIX Tip of the Week

Using "infocmp" To Create Terminfo Files

Audience: Systems Administrators

Date: June 14, 2001

When a telnet session does not correctly display full screen applications (like vi and smitty), the problem is usually caused by missing terminal definitions. The solution is to copy the "terminfo" file for the terminal to the remote server. If a terminfo file isn't available, you can create one using the infocmp command.

To illustrate, here's how you can create a LINUX terminal definition for AIX, which does not have one.

On the Linux machine:

infocmp -I > linux.ti
rcp linux.ti  aixhost:/usr/lib/terminfo/linux.ti
rsh aixhost "tic /usr/lib/terminfo/linux.ti"
telnet aixhost

The infocmp flag is an uppercase "i". The "aixhost" is the host name of the remote AIX system. This procedure should work for most Unix systems.

Bruce Spencer,