AIX Tip of the Week

Subject: HMC 5.2 News and Tips

Audience: All

Date: March 2, 2006

New HMC Version

HMC 5.2 is available on Fix Central ( /) In my opinion, the most important enhancement is not well documented. Call-home can now use SSL, which works with NAT firewalls. Prior to V5.2, the alternatives were dial-up or VPN Internet connections.

For more information on setting up "call home", please see:

Simplified Secure Remote Console Command

The WebSM "serial" consoles are not secure (unencrypted). For a secure console, you must log into the HMC command line, and issue the "mkvterm" command. This is not particularly easy to use, as it requires the managed system name (eg Server-9111-520-SN10348AE). The undocumented "vtmenu" command provides a much easier to use menu selecting server consoles. Use "~." to terminate sessions. (Thanks to Steve Pittman for this tip)

Logging Output from an HMC vterm Session

Configure putty's session tab to log all session output

login to HMC as hscroot, and use "vtmenu" or "mkvterm"

OPTION 1 - Selection Menu
use "~." to end the session


To capture ipl information, use WebSM to boot LPAR.

Debug boot of an LPAR

Use above to create a vterm session with logging turned on. Use websm to "boot to open firmware prompt" for the subject LPAR Once at the open firmware prompt enter these commands (the 4th line is a period):

	mw enter_dbg

(Thanks to Bill Moraca for the last two tips!)

Bruce Spencer,

March 2, 2006