AIX Tip of the Week

Subject: HMC Maintenance Change

Audience: Administrators

Date: March 25, 2004

There has been a change in maintenance strategy for HMC's. Originally the HMC was considered a network appliance which was maintained by the IBM CE. However, HMC maintenance is now a customer responsibility.

U.S. Customers who are on software maintenance, can order new HMC versions (install CD) from IBM Boulder Refresh Center at (800) 879-2755. (Select option #2 twice). Outside the US, contact your local support.

HMC updates can be downloaded from the web at:

The current HMC level is 3.2.6 as of March 2004. It would be a good idea to be at the current HMC level.

(Caution: if your HMC level is 2 or less, your server's firmware may need to be updated as well. If so, call IBM Hardware Support (800) IBM-SERV to check and to schedule a CE to do any updates.)

Bruce Spencer,

March 25, 2004