AIX Tip of the Week

Subject: HMC Script to Capture Power5 LPAR Configuraton

Audience: All

Date: September 12, 2005

Dean Roswell has written a useful script to centrally capture the LPAR configs of p5 systems attached to a HMC. Copy (paste) into an HMC ssh session ...

Typically; access the HMC via a putty session, turn-on logging of the session to a file and then copy/paste the code:

for MANAGEDSYS in `lssyscfg -r sys -F type_model*serial_num`
echo "============MANAGED SYSTEM --> ${MANAGEDSYS}"
for LPAR in `lssyscfg -r lpar -m ${MANAGEDSYS} -F name`
echo "            ============LPAR --> ${LPAR} --> CPU resources"
lshwres -r proc -m ${MANAGEDSYS} --level lpar --filter lpar_names=${LPAR}

echo " ============LPAR --> ${LPAR} --> Memory resources" lshwres -r mem -m ${MANAGEDSYS} --level lpar --filter lpar_names=${LPAR}

echo " ============LPAR --> ${LPAR} --> Physical adapters" lshwres -r io --rsubtype slot -m ${MANAGEDSYS} --filter lpar_names=${LPAR}

echo " ============LPAR --> ${LPAR} --> Virtual Ethernet config" lshwres -r virtualio --rsubtype eth --level lpar -m ${MANAGEDSYS} --filter lpar_names=${LPAR}

echo " ============LPAR --> ${LPAR} --> Virtual SCSI config" lshwres -r virtualio --rsubtype scsi --level lpar -m ${MANAGEDSYS} --filter lpar_names=${LPAR}

echo " ============LPAR --> ${LPAR} --> LPAR config" lssyscfg -r lpar -m ${MANAGEDSYS} --filter lpar_names=${LPAR}

echo " ============LPAR --> ${LPAR} --> LPAR profiles" lssyscfg -r prof -m ${MANAGEDSYS} --filter lpar_names=${LPAR} done done

Bruce Spencer,

September 12, 2005