AIX Tip of the Week

Subject: Where's My HMC and Improving Remote HMC Performance

Audience: All

Date: October 12, 2006

Where's my HMC? The AIX comand "lsrsrc IBM.ManagementServer" identifies the partition's HMC. Here's a sample output showing the HMC is manages partiton

# lsrsrc IBM.ManagementServer
Resource Persistent Attributes for IBM.ManagementServer
resource 1:
        Name             = ""
        Hostname         = ""
        ManagerType      = "HMC"
        LocalHostname    = ""
        ClusterTM        = "9078-160"
        ClusterSNum      = ""
        ActivePeerDomain = ""
        NodeNameList     = {""}

For more information, search for RMC in the AIX Documentation

Improving remote HMC performance. If you experience slow HMC performance using WebSM from a remote PC, try the following. Replace WebSM with VNC( ) on your PC. Start a graphics session on any AIX server local to the HMC. In the AIX session, run "wsm -host hmc hostname" to bring up the HMC console. Performance will improve significantly. Pictorially,

Replace this: PC/WebSM-----> { Remote Network } ------> HMC
With this: PC/VNC-----------> { Remote Network } ------> vnc-AIX-wsm -----> HMC

HMC Documentation: For more information on HMC's see

HMC Best Practices:
HMC Examples:
Dual HMC Cabling for p59X:
Supported Code Matrix:
HMC Install/Update Images:

Thanks to Steve Pittman, John Tesch and Ron Barker for this tip!

Bruce Spencer,

October 12, 2006