AIX Tip of the Week

AIX Tip of the Week: AIX Freeware Web Sites

Audience: AIX Users and Administrators

Date: September 10, 1999

One of the many benefits of Unix is the wide choice of freeware applications and utilities. The following freeware web sites are dedicated to AIX:

At the bottom of this page is a partial list describing some of the tools. As a starting point, I would suggest the following packages:

Overview of downloadable utilities

This collection contains over 130 Freeware or Shareware LPPs, each representing a different utility, written by a different person or group and that is supposed to solve a different problem.

Obviously not all utilities apply to all systems. The basic minimum is probably freeware.monitor.rte and freeware.lsof.rte, however knowledgeable users would probably insist that

are frequently equally useful.

This page tries to list the most useful utilities, and show what sort of users would be most lightly to need them. The packages on the CD-Rom that would typically be useful on a large proportion of client sites have been split up into different categories. Please remember that this division is to help give a clear description of the environment where a particular package may be useful, but does not imply any restriction and the different categories are not visible during the installation of the packages.

  1. Workgroup Server Packages
    software packages that would typically be used to provide services to a group of users or to implement a small application.
  2. Administrative Tools
    Tools that would usually be of direct use to system administrators. Obviously system administrators are allowed to use all the tools appropriate to end-users too.
  3. End-User Tools
    Tools that would be directly useful to real live users with shell access to the system.
  4. Development Tools
    Packages that would typically only be used for software development tasks.

Workgroup Server Packages

Administrative Tools

End-User Tools

Development Tools