AIX Tip of the Week

DB2 Performance Tuning for AIX

Audience: System Administrators

Date: December 8, 2001

In response to last weeks Oracle performance tips, several people have asked about DB2 tuning. Here are the resources I use for tuning AIX for DB2. Many, if not most, of the DB2 and Oracle settings are the same.


Home page:
SG24-5511 - Database Performance on AIX in DB2 UDB and Oracle Environments
SG24-5340 - RS/6000 SP Performance Tuning Update (See Chapter 16)

DB2 Performance:

DB2 Tuning for AIX: DB2 UDB V7.1 Performance Tuning Guide Performance:
See "Performance" under the Administration category

Other DB2 Information
Publications: /
Manuals: /

TPC Web Page

Full Disclosure Reports include AIX settings:

Bruce Spencer,