AIX Tip of the Week

Subject: Using "dd" to Clone Partitions on a VIO Server

Audience: All

Date: April 12, 2006

A recent post on IBM's Linux on Power Forum shosw how to use "dd" to clone a pLinux partition on a Virtual I/O Server. I've tried it with both AIX and Linux, and it takes about 10 minutes to clone a new server**. Although I recommend NIM for cloning, there have been times where this has come in handy. This is not supported by IBM, so use at your own risk. (** AIX 5.3 ML3, SUSE 9, VIO 1.2.1, p520 FW=IBM,SF235_160, LV size = 10GB)

Here's the steps I used for cloning AIX.

  1. Prepare the AIX source partition
  2. Create a profile for the clone partition on the HMC
  3. Clone the partition on the VIO server
  4. Boot the clone partition

Bruce Spencer,

April 12, 2006