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Anti-Virus Software for AIX

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Update: May 25, 2004 New IBM URL

Date: September 22, 2003

Although Unix is relatively secure, it is still vulnerable to virus attacks. In addition, a Unix server can propagate non-Unix viruses when running as a mail, file or web server. Here are a few anti-virus products for AIX that protect against these types of security exposures.

Sophos Anti-virus

F-Prot Antivirus for AIX, Version 4.2.0 /

McAfee Security VirusScanr for Unix


McAfee Security GroupShield for Domino

Sendmail Anti-Virus Filter

Trendmicro InterScan VirusWall

Trendmicro ScanMail for Lotus Notes

Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering for Domino

Sybari's Antigen 7.0 for Lotus Domino Projects (squid-vscan/samba-vscanVirusHammer)

Public Domain Antivirus (added 4/2004)
"clamav" at UCLA Public Domain

Bruce Spencer,