AIX Tip of the Week

Subject: AIX Architectural Limits by Version

Audience: Administrators

Date: May 7, 2004
Updated: December 8, 2004



The maximum limits listed in this document are not valid for all configurations. The limits also depend on the kernel (32/64 bit) and JFS/JFS2. For example, the document lists the max memory for AIX 5.2 as 512 GB. This is valid for the 64 bit kernel, but not the 32 bit kernel which supports 96 GB memory. Similarly, as noted in a previous tip, the maximum file size for JFS2 is 16 TB, but the JFS max is 64 GB.

This document shows an outdated "end of service" for AIX 5.1 and 5.2. Here is the current plan for AIX as of May 2004.

AIX	AIX 5L Base Operating System	5765-E61	5.1.0	2006-04-01
AIX	AIX 5L for POWER	        5765-E62	5.2.0	2007-09-01

As always, plans can change, as evidenced by today's document. You can check the current plan at: /

Bruce Spencer,

May 7, 2004